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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Keep it up, and your gonna get the bird

Ok, so a few friends (I use the word “friend” loosely) from work are having a non-work get together after work, to celebrate the holidays. I have considered not really going. I’m pretty sure I skipped it last year, for a good reason.

It’s not like I don’t enjoy getting out and hanging with some of the friends, after work on a Friday night. Honestly, one issue, is I don’t drink much anymore. So sometimes that alone makes it not as much fun. It shouldn’t, but lets be honest here, it is never fun when you are the only sober one.

Anyways getting on with it, a couple of the ppl that will be attending are those young boys, I have previously talked about (they are really only good for one thing). These are the ones that are like (ok, so they are totally) 15 years younger than me. That by its self isn’t bad, other than what do we really have in common to talk about?(I should just go and enjoy looking at them, right? ) Hello, yes I realize I’m married, but I didn’t say anything about touching anyone! Just window shopping! Seriously, ppl do it all the time. No harm, No FOUL!

The honest real issue is the last time I met this particular group out for drinks(what a nightmare), is when the youngone told me I was old, not that I was older, but Yes that I was OLD!. Can you freakin believe that!!!! Don’t get me started again. It would have been worse, if he wasn’t so flippin hot. Reality is those little twerps know nothing. So you can see my dilemma, I just don’t know if I want to spend my free time(which I have very little of) with such immature idiots. That particular happy hour cost me a ton of money, on face creams and such.

I know there will be other ppl there my age, and I would hate to miss out on hanging out with them. I just don’t know if I can restrain myself, from beating the crap out of one of those young twerps if they open their mouth and dumb shit stuff falls out. Also, since it is a 35 min drive from my home, and I will not be drinking, only makes dealing with them much worse.

So my dilemma,
what to do?
Go? Not Go?

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