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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Just a Mom

I'm not a writer(for real), I'm just a "mom". Who was very sad this Christmas.

No, it wasn’t that I didn’t get what I wanted "gift" wise this holiday, cause OMG I finally got my GPS that I was wanting. Not sure how this was possible, since my sportsman and I agreed no gifts this year. I am grateful none the less.

So now ppl I will no longer hopefully never have the excuse of being lost, or have to ask my friends to draw out a map for me. I bet that will make Sarah, Tami, and others happy. That is if I can figure out how to use it first. It is kinda complicated. Go figure.
Don't tell my husband, he would laugh his ass off at me.

The BIG issue was, it freakin snowed. ALOT! It's not like the weatherman didn't say there wasn’t going to be some snow, but seriously our weatherman never gets it right. So do you think I paid any attention?

Heck, NO!

It hardly ever snows in K.C. anymore and if it does it is such a small amount that it is gone by the next day. I like living here for this very reason( I am really much more of a California girl)

I have some family that live in Oregon and obviously they love the weather there. I think that is great for them, it's just not for me.

So anyways, the snow ruined everything!! Not only did we have to be out of town Christmas eve day and night, but then we had to drive home in blizzard conditions. Which took us over 2 hours to drive a 1 hour drive. Why? Cause we were damn determined to be at home in our own beds. Well we had plans for the evening alone you know, that were really important.

Once we got back in our area, we did take the time to stop off for some alcohol, (cause after that drive, who doesn't need some alcohol) of course the only place open in blizzard conditions was "CVS" , so kudos to CVS for being open in our time of need. I however felt really sorry for the 2 ppl that were working that late on Christmas eve.

I haven't even gotten to the real reason why it sucked yet.

# 1 reason, every other year my son stays at his dad’s house on Christmas eve, then Christmas morning he comes home. I am supposed to meet them half way to pick him up (which is still a 45 min drive), but of course with the weather I couldn't even get out of my freakin neighborhood. # 2 reason, my daughter worked Christmas eve till eleven, but since the roads were bad she didn't make it home, she had to stay over at her boyfriends parents house, which was closer to work.

So, you would think the snow and blizzard conditions from the night before were enough but it was still freakin snowing on Christmas day. What is up with the damn Missouri weather???

So here it was Christmas morning, no kids up at the ass crack of dawn waiting to open stockings or presents and no chance of any being home anytime soon.

This is not how it’s supposed to be damn it! Family is supposed to be together. So what did I do instead?

While I was waiting for the city trucks to come thru and scrap the roads (which doesn’t happen as often as one would think) I watched "Marley and me". Yes, I realize that when you’re already sad you should not watch a sad show, but when your stressed, you'll watch anything.

Finally, everyone made it here safely (which was well after noon). We had a great breakfast and enjoyed opening presents together.

I can tell you next year this will not happen.

I won't allow it!

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