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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Horror flicks

I am a super huge fan of horror flicks. Who doesn’t love a good scare? Back in the day, they had some of the best scary movies. You know the ones that would make you jump up out of your freakin seat.

As of late, I’m a just a little bit concerned with the type of scary movies that keep coming out, I feel like the movies keep getting just a little more twisted every year. Not so much scary as down right demented. Which makes you wonder what kind of person does it take to write this kind of stuff? I would think this kind of person is someone with a major demented way of thinking. Worse I know there are lots of ppl who will pay to go see these types of movies. What is the real reason behind all of the mind games? Can’t we just get back to a good scare, without all the other crap?

I’m not really sure what bothers me so much about this. Maybe I just don’t think it is necessary to have all the seriously psychological damaging stuff in a movie. For real ppl, we already come in contact with enough wack jobs in one life time; do we really need to be terrorized at the movies also?

Anyways, since my family is big into movies in general, I have shared over the years my love for scary movies with my son (at the appropriate age, I see fit), my daughter refuses to watch them, and you know these kinds of movies are not for everyone. My son does really enjoy watching them, more so the old ones like me. It doesn’t help that my son was also born on October 28th, and we tell him all the time, that he is a little spook!

Here is my list of what I think are some of the best gotta have “old” scary movies around.

1. Psycho
2. Halloween
3. The Amityville Horror
4. The Exorcist
5. Carrie
6. The Omen
7. The Rocky Horror Picture Show
8. The Fog
9. Children of the Corn
10. Friday the 13th
11. Return of the living dead
12. Nighmare on elm street
13. Phantasm
14. Poltergeist
15. Motel Hell
16. the birds
17. The thing
18. Invasion of the body snatchers
19. Rosemarys Baby
20. Creep Show
21. Freight Night

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