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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Flips Flops are not for year around wear

Let me start off with, this is freakin common sense ppl (FYI, this little bit of 411 is for those of you who live in a state that the temperatures drop below 40). Honestly, I shouldn’t even have to comment on this one, but I will, for those of you that are special.

Since there appears to be many of you out there that obviously missed the class “101 on how to dress for winter “in school. I will gladly spell it out for you again today.

Here we go ppl, pay attention this time; I wouldn’t want to have to repeat it again.  This is especially important today, since we just got, what over 11 inches of snow this weekend.

Summer is for flip flops, Winter is for snow boots! GOT IT!

Once the outside temperature drops below lets say freakin freezing, you should not be still wearing flip flops. Wearing them in the dead ass cold of winter does not make you look cool. It actually makes you look like a less than smart dumbass.

Listed below are some actual excuses I have heard, from individuals who felt it necessary to wear them in the off season.

1. I just got my toe nails done;
2. they make my legs look skinnier in these pants;
3. I want ppl to see my tan;
4. it’s really not that cold out;

Since I am not an offender of this, I would like to know from someone who does where them as if they were "all season wear", what does it feels like to step into 5 inches of snow being practically barefoot? Is it all that it can be?

Whatever your excuse, I suppose I’ll have to take your word for it, cause there’s not a chance in hell that you’ll ever catch me with a pair on during the winter time. So I will never truly know the fascination.

However, you’ll be sure to catch me laughing my ass off at you.

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