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Monday, November 16, 2009

dream Pictures, Images and Photos

`qreetinq peeps ! (:

today ? i felt abyt dissapointed to all th K.B.G boifys&qirlfys. bt neyhmynd. its nort ur fault.
probably, its my fault ): for planninq th meetinq last min. bt rmbr, do come fer tmr aye ? ;D
keyh skipped ~

i've been rottinq at hme fer 3 days now. which is super borinq ! -.- & im lookinq frwd for
all th fun im qonna had this nov & dec holidays. weee ! ;D im totally happy ahkay (:
++ sapto kluaran nxt wk, & nxt nxt wk. alot aye ? tired bt fun lurhh kan ! hehs ~

so yeah, i did alot of crazy stuff at hme. lols ! XD lyke, sinqin loudly, dance alone.
ohhmyqod, im nort crazy lurhh ass -.- im just bored y'knw. hahaks !
err, my stomach is achinq really badly ): fvck ! arqh ! cakeyt siao ! pfft.
qirls, u knw whye kans ? nyahas ! so shush ! =P

planninq tuhh lpk later ? idk deh. imma lazy chyk. lols ! XD
myb i lpk, or myb im nort. or i ton aqain ! hehs.
talkinq about ton, ystd shah tanjonq msq me while he was ton-inq wif hys kwn2 at yishun
& quess whart ? he was drunk -.- ass tol ! hahaks ! qet hiqh till nyte keyh u ? XD
he was drinkinq alot y'knw. ohhmyqod ! minom cmpy mampos eyh shah ?
nyeeeeet ~ jokinq2. & he kept callinq me kiyutestuff. haas ~ kiyute eyh he ?
dont tink neqative qirls or biatch, me & shah hanya kawan & hys attached to hys bbyqirl (:

keyh qoleyq ~
i have alot of dreams in my mind. will it come true lyke fairytale story ?
err, idk. only qod knws. bt hpefully , all will come true. yippe !
im qonna make sonqs soon & im qonna hve a bloqshop soon. so, do support ! ;D

ppl kept askinq me, wher are all my pics ryte ? hehes ! kecyk nort stinqy bout pics.
is just tht my usb is damn siao ! & idk wher i put it. wtf kan ? -.- tsktsk !
im beqqinq or pleadinq both my parents to buy me new fone. weeee !
touch screen ? latest fone ? idk . hahaks ! cos , they havent bouqht anitink fer me yet
as i pass my eoy & qort promoted. hehs ! yesh, imma pampered child amonq all my
siblinqs. be jealous ! heees ~ & i loike to majok. cheeey, FAKE ! =P
aunty says tht she qonna shoppinq with me & pick whtever i want, she will pay.
syiok ahh syiok ! (: i tell her i wanna shopshop till drop at topshop,forever 21 & etcetc.
ps/ : i also do need new webcammy ;D

keyh qoleyq ahh peeps,
im qonna qo out soon ! ;D
tata titi tutu toto ! XD

GRANT MY WISH , please [?]

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