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Monday, November 16, 2009

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`I am Happy ;D

Konichiwaaaaa hunks&babes ! (:
*look up. thats my current mood today. can i ? hahaks !
its weird thouqh. idk y im very hepy today. hmms. notynk special laqyk.
naaaah ~ as lonq im hepy, its qood. rather than im beinq a ferocious tiqer. lols ! XD
keyh qoleyq ~

today, woked up at 12pm. -.- yesh, imma lazy ass. nyeeet ~
so, bath & eat my lunch lurh kan. i quarelled with my qrndpa since ystd.
all bcos of tht ferero rocher chocolates. qaaah ~ its qrnddauqhter & qrndpa fiqht. lols !
its effinq kiyute sia we fiqht. nyahahs ! let's hear th convo between me & ahtoyk.

Kecyk ; "bapaaaaaayk ! ina nk chocolate tuhh lurhh ! *muker majok"
Ahtoyk ; "eyh ! ko dh mkn 5 chocolate taw smlm ! ko srq ahjerq. maner fair ! *muker stp mrh"
Kecyk ; "Excuse me ! ina mkn tuhh choc pon peroyt dh lpr. mak tk msk peyh. -.-"
Ahtoyk ; " mk tk msk ?! ker ko cereweyt ?! -.- mee soto tuhh nk ksy cpeyh mkn. hantu eyh ? "
Kecyk ;" alaaar, dh tawu orq cereweyt. pfft. plish .. ksy tuhh chocolate ! orq nk3 !"
Ahtoyk ; "eyheyh ! tkder2 ! niy choc utk mk nqan bapayk ahjerq *muker nk ktawer"
Kecyk ; "jqn nk ktawer lurh ! hmms ! tk saaaayanq bpk urh ! *muker act majok "
Ahtoyk ; "btl tk syq bpk ? nnt choc tk dpt taw. *lauqhinq. btl niy ? cnferm ?"
Kecyk ; "ahlamaq ! keyh2 ! bedeyh2 jerq ! hehehe ! nk satu choc jerq. ONE only. *smile wide2"
Ahtoyk ; " haish ! naaah, ameq satu. satu ahjerq eyh. haas ! nakmo mntk2 laqyk."
Kecyk ; "yesh ah ! thnks bpk ! saaaaayanq bpk ! hehehehs ! *huq hym"
Ahtoyk ; "part qynieq jerq syq -.- , inilah cucu. (:"

nyahas ! phsl chocolate pon nk qadoyh. hees ! i totally love chocolate otey.
& jyeah, i love my qrndpa too. he rocks tuhhh dhe core ! ^^
didnt believe ? ask all my fwens who knw hym. huak3 !
my fwens totally love hym too. they say, my grndpa qayreyk . hahaks !
its dhe fact taw ;D & he piliyh which boy suit wif me.
so boys, win my heart, win myne grndpa's too =P

byler my kwn2 ton my hse, my ahtoyk was dhe ferst one who uat kecoyh. -.-
nyeeet ~ he talk nonsence which boys will lyke. lols ! XD
keyh, he talk craps alot when he hyper. lyke me ! cheeey ! fake2 ! hehes ~
sometymes, he hawt tempered. bt dyr tk prnh jln tqn kt kecyk.
only once when im totally rude to hym. hehs ! *bad kecyk
hys a kind hearted men who treasured all hys loved one even thouqh they bastard hym.
haish .. thts wht im worried about. he is so soft hearted. haiyak !
he tk prnh lokek with anytynk. rokok ? makan ? duit ? . huak3 !
u qo qmbk, all knw hym. even budayk ahju.
& yesh, he hate hys love one qet hurt. dyr prnh want to rembat my ex sia. lols !
hys one a kind, & one & only.
awwwwwwwwww, ilovehym he will nvr ever be replaced by anybody ;D

this few days , i kept thinkinq whether i wanna find a new boify or nort.
i share my r/s probs with my qrndma. jyeah, she understands me alot. 100% (:
she told me tht at my aqe, better concentrate on studyinq & put love r/s aside.
if i want to find a new boify, i also must think twice if he was loyal to me or nort.
& wht my qrndma advice me was the fact. she sees all my ex alr. all th 8 or 9 of dhem.
hahaks ! cool huh ? hehs. her fav boy ( my ex ) which was Danial Tanjonq. lols !
err, im hopinq to find new boify soon yeah ? my dream bbyboy hpefully (:
* look up at tht pic. so sweet eyh ? i adore their tattoos. [:

ilove msq-inq my boifys&qirlfys. they briqhten up my day. crious talkinq.
&& also chattinq with dhem. all my problems will qone & fade away within a snap.
i loike2 ! haas ~ & today sii blurr , nana msq kecyk. huak3 ! she went out wif pipit
to AMK mawu nenok 2012. bt dhen she askinq kecyk bonus question oyt. lols !
lyke, hw to ask th counter whts th price , wht tyme strt , hw to ask qort student special.
HAHAHAS ! kekek siao ! & last msq i receive frm her ish
" kecyk, lps dh tnyer orq tuhh ckp thnks ker bli tuhh ticker urh ?"
lols lols lols ! i lauqh lyke crazy sia ! nyeeeet ~
nana ohh nana, blurr sotonq ;D

keyh qoleyq ~
till here peeps,
enjoy ur day ! ;D
tkcrs syq-syq .


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