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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

believe Pictures, Images and Photos

`HeyHey Readers (:

Today K.B.G meetup was little lurhh qan. cos alot of peeps havinq their CCA's .
so, kecyk understand. & nort their fault. lyke i say, last min plan. so, neyhmynd.
haas ~ im th kind hearted leader. lols ! keyh fake. ppl who came ;
Fina Kecyk Star, Nisha Sachek, Lyly Voque, Adleen Ke'ai Barbie Dollie, Putri Sintinq,
Matnuh Sanchiko, Didi Electro ;D

*look at tht pic. yesh, th word BELIEVE. thts a one biq powerful word tuh use.
im feelinq down riqht now. i felt lyke cryinq. crious talkinq. & yes, my tears are rollinq down
my cheeks now. i felt scared to lose someone tht im close with, i respect hym alot, hys th best
than th rest, hys my fiqhter, hys my joker, hys my advicer, hys my everythinq & words
cant describe hym, how he was improtant to me. he is my precious DADDY. )':
imisshym, yesh, fxvinq lot ! i felt lyke screaminq. whye is tys happeninq.
whye qod ? whye ? wht he done wrnq tuh you ? pls, took really qood care of hym.
please qod. i pray alot to hym. qod, pls dont tke hym away frm me.
i miss hym & i love hym D':

daddy qone tuh shanqhai. hys an enqineer. he works at a ship. im so worried about hym.
im scared of th stronq wind tht blow th wave. i hate tynkinq neqative. bt crious,'
where is my daddy ?! urqh ! *cryinq. he must come hme ystd, bt he didnt & i didnt
receive no fone calls or even msqes. 10 DAYS now, u imaqine. my whole fam is qettinq worried.
my mum burst out tears when she told me tht. usually, he will call or msq us
hw is our fam qoinq on. bt now. NONE.
yesh, NONE )':

my mum ask hys office fwens bt nobody's knw. & they ask my mum th same ques.
"√Ąchit dh ahleq blom smlm ?, kyter tk dqr khabar phsl dyer ?, tkder kol & msq ?"
whathefuck ! im worry bout u lurhh daddy ! i want a miracle tuh happen . )':
I felt EMPTY w/o hym. i miss our sparrinq & lauqhinq moments.
u pampered me alot amonq all my siblinqs. imma daddy's qirl. *cryinq.
i cant bear to lose you. pls, dont qo. hpefully, u are fyne D':

i have a bad feelinqs, i have no appetite eatinq, i have no mood, i easily qert anqry nowadays,
i scream or shout at my fam members, i qert moodswinqs quite often &
i felt lyke killinq myself. D':

i dont wanna lose any of my fam members at thys aqe.
ohh qod, dont take my daddy bt tke me )':
im ready. )':
qod, pls, i want hym riqht now.
i hope a miracle will happens.
daddy, im worried about you.
hope notynks happens to you D':

tkcrs peeps. *cryinq
c if im qonna update or nort aye ? )':

DADDY, where are you now [?]

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