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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I’m not really flippin sure what the initials stand for, but I think I need one. I mean, I know its suppose to tell you where to go, and someone like me (very directionally challenged) definitely needs one.

So I recently mention it to my husband (who BTW seemed very put out that he had leave the comfort of the sofa to come down the hall and see what I wanted, and to find out that it was something he felt was non-important) Anyway, my husbands reply was “you never go anywhere, why do you think you need one”? Which of course is partly true(I am home most nights by 5:30pm and in my P.J.’s by 6:00 and in bed by 6:30 and asleep by 9:00. Come on ppl, I get up at the freakin ass crack of dawn (5:00am) everyday)

So I continued to argue my point with him, that I need it for the times I do go somewhere, so that I don’t get lost and this will also give my friends/co-workers relief that they don’t have to write out directions for me anymore.

What a deal right? He wasn’t buying it.

Maybe, just maybe I don’t ever go anywhere because I’m afraid I might get lost? Knaw, I honestly really don’t go anywhere very often that isn’t my normal route.

I mean how freakin neat is it to have someone talk to you in the car and tell you where to go!!!!!!! I mean I know they are so much more than a just a person talking to you with directions. What I don't get is the flippin price. What the heck? They have been on the market forever, so why are they still so expensive? 

The only other thing I asked for this Christmas was a notebook laptop(the itty bitty tiny ones), and here is the real important reason why I need one of those, so that I can blog while sitting in bed.  Now this might make it sound like I lazy.  But it's the complete opposite, it's just I have a really comfortable bed.

So just maybe, my husband can get a "better than good" deal on one(the GPS). When we hit the stores on Black Friday!
Wish me luck!

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