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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Go stand by the Window

So, I'm sitting in bed watching TV and texting my mom.  She text's me and says "call your daughter!!".  So I text her back why, whats up?  I sit there for a moment and think well hell, I should just call her(my mom). She did use an exclamation point.  Of course if it was really important then why didn't she just call me, why text?  So I try to call from my cell (because about a month ago we (my freakin husband) decided that it was a waste of money to keep a land line since only 2 ppl ever called us) and I can't get my cell phone to work.  It keeps making this noise.  So I automatically think it is my moms phone, so I try my daughter.  Nope phone still doesnt work.  So I get my husbands cell phone(after I hunt down a sanitizer wipe to clean off his phone, who freakin knows where his hands have been), and it works so I call my daughter.  Of course shes huffy, cause she says she has been trying to call me for an hour 5 minutes. Let me just tell you that when I try to call my daughter and she doesn't answer, it's no big deal. But if she tries to call me and I don't pick up, all hell brakes loose.  Long storey short it wasn't any emergency , she just had something to tell me while she was on her brake at work.  So I call my mother back, still on my husbands cell, cause I had to shut my poc(piece of crap, Black Berry) off and take out the battery.

So, I tell my mother that it wasn't an emergency.  She then begins to lecture me about how important it is to keep my phone on at all times, since we don't have a land line anymore(HELLO, like I don't already know this).  Anyways, I tell her that it was on, it's just that something is wrong with it.  Which then she brings up the last time we talked about how the phone kept cutting in and out (which she swears that it's my phone with the problem.) I tell her that it's probably time for me to get a new one.  Reminding her that with technology most cells don't last more than a year or so.  She then argues with me about how long I have had my phone(because her memory is SO much better worse than mine. ) She seems to think that I have only had my phone for 6 months or so, when actually I have had it almost two flippin years. 

Anyways, she says well then when it starts cutting out, I should go stand by the window(again she thinks it's my phone that keeps maulfunctioning). At this point, I start to laugh. I ask her what the heck does standing by the freakin window have to do with anything? By now both of us are laughing so hard and gasping for breath.  I think I might have even peed in my pants. I tell her that I know your not suppose to stand near a window during a lightening storm, and agian ask her what standing by the window is suppose to help with(more uncontrolled laughter). I then ask her if she's sure that it's not her phone and/or her hearing. At this point my husband comes into the room and I have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard(which he just ignores, cause he knows how we are). The conversation ended, in me telling her that next time I'm at her house I will make a call from her phone to somone at my house just to show her it isn't my freakin phone!

This is just the life of our wacky family.  The simplest things crack us up.

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