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Friday, November 27, 2009

HEY, NEW bloq skins beybeyh ! ;D

Monday, November 23, 2009

~ MIA for a few days.

syukur alhamdullilah tht my daddy ish back (:

Will post aqain once i qert my lappy ;D


I'm sure how to approach this subject, but here it goes.

Just an FYI, this is a real word. I swear,  I use it all the time.  Until recently. One of my friends, thought it would be freakin funny to look it up on "Urban Dictionary", since sometimes all the time they have too much free time on their hands, and because they thought I was making it up. 

Here is what is listed as the definition of my word. 

My first thought was can this be for real? I didn't just make up this word, but I'm pretty sure this isn't the real definition.  They got a huge laugh out of this and it became the office topic for quite awhile. That "W" girl, is such a potty mouth. So not partly true. Well maybe some times.

My bigger concern is how many ppl visit this sight, that have heard me use the word before. Cause I have to say, seriously this is not how I reference this word.

When I use the word slickery, it's to described things like:

the road was slickery;
those pants you have on look slickery;
my glass is slickery on the outside;
those shoes look slickery;

However, now that my friends have learned of the "Urban Dictionary" definition they give me crap all the time. 

I have now been reduced to not even using the word anymore. So it has now been put out to pasture.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Frosen Lunches- The dieter’s choice.

There are a million of them to chose from (yes, I like the word Million, it means “a lot”.)

Everyone is eating them.

Men and Women. When I go to heat up my lunch(at wk), and I’m standing in line, I normally check out what ppl are eating(cause I’m interested nosy like that), and I have noticed that there are just as many men that are eating the Lean Cuisine, Kashi, Weight Watchers, and Healthy Choice, lunches.

What, no more “Hungry Man” lunches? When did this freakin happen? I know that my husband personally doesn’t eat fatty crap for lunch. He eats like a bird & goes to the gym, and not just because Thanksgiving is coming up. I know it, shut the front door!!!! Can you believe it.

However, he never takes any of the “healthy frozen lunches” either, he always makes his own stuff(he is self sufficient like that). I’m sure he also questions really gives a shit about the healthiness coming from these pre boxed frozen lunches.

Now come on, are all these ppl eating these lunches for the possible out come of losing weight or cause its convenient? I’m thinking that it’s more about convenience! For real, we are talking about men here. If it looks like a turd, and it smells like a turd, then it’s a freakin turd!

These frozen lunches that are all supposed to be Oh, so healthy for you. I’m not so sure. Here’s what I think. The ones that taste like cardboard crap are the ones that are probably the healthiest for you. The ones that taste Oh, so yummy, are the ones that are less than healthy for you. That’s my professional opinion.

So what do you think, does it count if you eat a healthy one and then a not so healthy one? Does that cross out any fat that you would have consumed with the unhealthy one? How about if you eat the good tasting one and work out at the gym all week?

Seriously, people wanna know! Ok, so what the heck. I want to know!

I personally do eat them (frozen meals). I am however very selective. I have stomach issues (well really I have many issues) so I try to watch what I buy. I am not one to count calories or check out the fat content. I check out that little nutrition label for other reasons. Which is, to look for the one with the lowest salt. Which makes my lunch selections even more limited and seriously not as tasty.

All this is just all my opinion.
 I’m not a paid critic, for real ppl.
So by all means don’t listen to anything I say.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Go stand by the Window

So, I'm sitting in bed watching TV and texting my mom.  She text's me and says "call your daughter!!".  So I text her back why, whats up?  I sit there for a moment and think well hell, I should just call her(my mom). She did use an exclamation point.  Of course if it was really important then why didn't she just call me, why text?  So I try to call from my cell (because about a month ago we (my freakin husband) decided that it was a waste of money to keep a land line since only 2 ppl ever called us) and I can't get my cell phone to work.  It keeps making this noise.  So I automatically think it is my moms phone, so I try my daughter.  Nope phone still doesnt work.  So I get my husbands cell phone(after I hunt down a sanitizer wipe to clean off his phone, who freakin knows where his hands have been), and it works so I call my daughter.  Of course shes huffy, cause she says she has been trying to call me for an hour 5 minutes. Let me just tell you that when I try to call my daughter and she doesn't answer, it's no big deal. But if she tries to call me and I don't pick up, all hell brakes loose.  Long storey short it wasn't any emergency , she just had something to tell me while she was on her brake at work.  So I call my mother back, still on my husbands cell, cause I had to shut my poc(piece of crap, Black Berry) off and take out the battery.

So, I tell my mother that it wasn't an emergency.  She then begins to lecture me about how important it is to keep my phone on at all times, since we don't have a land line anymore(HELLO, like I don't already know this).  Anyways, I tell her that it was on, it's just that something is wrong with it.  Which then she brings up the last time we talked about how the phone kept cutting in and out (which she swears that it's my phone with the problem.) I tell her that it's probably time for me to get a new one.  Reminding her that with technology most cells don't last more than a year or so.  She then argues with me about how long I have had my phone(because her memory is SO much better worse than mine. ) She seems to think that I have only had my phone for 6 months or so, when actually I have had it almost two flippin years. 

Anyways, she says well then when it starts cutting out, I should go stand by the window(again she thinks it's my phone that keeps maulfunctioning). At this point, I start to laugh. I ask her what the heck does standing by the freakin window have to do with anything? By now both of us are laughing so hard and gasping for breath.  I think I might have even peed in my pants. I tell her that I know your not suppose to stand near a window during a lightening storm, and agian ask her what standing by the window is suppose to help with(more uncontrolled laughter). I then ask her if she's sure that it's not her phone and/or her hearing. At this point my husband comes into the room and I have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard(which he just ignores, cause he knows how we are). The conversation ended, in me telling her that next time I'm at her house I will make a call from her phone to somone at my house just to show her it isn't my freakin phone!

This is just the life of our wacky family.  The simplest things crack us up.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Injury by Maglight Flashlight

Ok, here is how I almost broke my ankle. Alright, yes I can be some what of a dramatic person at times. But this is for REAL! 
 Anyways, it all started Friday night, well technically it was 4am, so I suppose that makes it saturday at this point. 

 Let me start off with, my husband and I do not sleep in the same rooms.  He has been banned to the spare room, until he goes to an ear/nose/throat doctor because he snores like a damn freight train.  My husband is also like most men out there, which he refuses to go to a doctor any time soon. 

So I wake up alone at 4am, because I am a "mom" and a very light sleeper.  I think I hear a creak in the floor, as if there was someone walking around.  So I sat up in bed, of course my heart feels like it is going to burst out of my flippin chest.  It also felt like hours that I sat there completely silent.  Waiting to see if I could hear any other "sounds" like there was an intruder.  Finally, I decide that I need to go check, as random thoughts go thru my head (in all the horror flicks ppl always go check out the noise, and get killed. What the hell am I thinking?) So I lean over the bed and grab the maglight that I have on the side(btw, everyone in my family has one on the side of their bed.  Does this seem strange? I dont' think so.) So I get out of bed and go down the hall.  I do the traditional, room to room check of the house.  I find nothing!  So as I am going back to bed, down the hall, and as I am climbing over the damn baby gate(which is for my dogs, NOT for a freakin baby) I am lifting my leg over and somehow manage to hit myself in the ankle with the end of the flash light. OMG! it was all I could do not to cry.  Of course then I got angry.  I finally laid back down in bed, after I sat in bed for another 45 minutes waiting and listening. Of course nothing happened, and I finally fell asleep. 

So I tell my husband that morning after he woke up what happened.  He asks me "why was I walking thru the house in the dark" , assuming that I had just the flash light on.  I told him I had all the freakin lights on, the "flash light" was for protection.  He says "from who"? Yourself? ha ha ha, yes LMAO, he thought that was so hilarious. I said no, it was for in case there was an intruder. Again with the laughs.  I honestly did not find it all that funny!

Maybe I should consider getting rid of the maglights in the house, because this is not the first injury in our house due to the "mag light".  The first time I accidentially hit my chiuhuahua in the head with one.  Please ppl it really was an accident. That one landed us at the ER vet, which was #2 time for her. Glad to say that she ended up with just a really bad heahache. Whew! 

Good news is my ankle is NOT broken,
just bruised and I will be fine. 
No sympthy cards will be necessary at this time.
 Thank you

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

believe Pictures, Images and Photos

`HeyHey Readers (:

Today K.B.G meetup was little lurhh qan. cos alot of peeps havinq their CCA's .
so, kecyk understand. & nort their fault. lyke i say, last min plan. so, neyhmynd.
haas ~ im th kind hearted leader. lols ! keyh fake. ppl who came ;
Fina Kecyk Star, Nisha Sachek, Lyly Voque, Adleen Ke'ai Barbie Dollie, Putri Sintinq,
Matnuh Sanchiko, Didi Electro ;D

*look at tht pic. yesh, th word BELIEVE. thts a one biq powerful word tuh use.
im feelinq down riqht now. i felt lyke cryinq. crious talkinq. & yes, my tears are rollinq down
my cheeks now. i felt scared to lose someone tht im close with, i respect hym alot, hys th best
than th rest, hys my fiqhter, hys my joker, hys my advicer, hys my everythinq & words
cant describe hym, how he was improtant to me. he is my precious DADDY. )':
imisshym, yesh, fxvinq lot ! i felt lyke screaminq. whye is tys happeninq.
whye qod ? whye ? wht he done wrnq tuh you ? pls, took really qood care of hym.
please qod. i pray alot to hym. qod, pls dont tke hym away frm me.
i miss hym & i love hym D':

daddy qone tuh shanqhai. hys an enqineer. he works at a ship. im so worried about hym.
im scared of th stronq wind tht blow th wave. i hate tynkinq neqative. bt crious,'
where is my daddy ?! urqh ! *cryinq. he must come hme ystd, bt he didnt & i didnt
receive no fone calls or even msqes. 10 DAYS now, u imaqine. my whole fam is qettinq worried.
my mum burst out tears when she told me tht. usually, he will call or msq us
hw is our fam qoinq on. bt now. NONE.
yesh, NONE )':

my mum ask hys office fwens bt nobody's knw. & they ask my mum th same ques.
"√Ąchit dh ahleq blom smlm ?, kyter tk dqr khabar phsl dyer ?, tkder kol & msq ?"
whathefuck ! im worry bout u lurhh daddy ! i want a miracle tuh happen . )':
I felt EMPTY w/o hym. i miss our sparrinq & lauqhinq moments.
u pampered me alot amonq all my siblinqs. imma daddy's qirl. *cryinq.
i cant bear to lose you. pls, dont qo. hpefully, u are fyne D':

i have a bad feelinqs, i have no appetite eatinq, i have no mood, i easily qert anqry nowadays,
i scream or shout at my fam members, i qert moodswinqs quite often &
i felt lyke killinq myself. D':

i dont wanna lose any of my fam members at thys aqe.
ohh qod, dont take my daddy bt tke me )':
im ready. )':
qod, pls, i want hym riqht now.
i hope a miracle will happens.
daddy, im worried about you.
hope notynks happens to you D':

tkcrs peeps. *cryinq
c if im qonna update or nort aye ? )':

DADDY, where are you now [?]

Random Things I think/know/question

1. I really like the saying " Are you freaking serious"?

2. My chiuhuahua has been to the vet & doctor more than any persons pet I have ever known.

3. My kids were closer when it was just the 3 of us.

4. I want to know what the heck was up with the freakin bees this summer?  I know there is something going on!!!!

5.  I have a really tiny car, but for some reason I don't feel small when I'm driving it.

6.  I read alot of great authors, but vary rarely remember what I read. Which means I can read them muliple times.

7.  I want to know if all those ppl who are on reality shows, really think it has helped their lives for the better.

8.  I pray everyday, and I know God is listening to me.

9.  Why do they sell pesticides that are suppose to take care of your "bug" problem, only to take it off the market years later, claiming it to be hazardous to your health?

10.  Do it yourself projects never really work out as well as, if you had just paid a professional to do it.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I’m not really flippin sure what the initials stand for, but I think I need one. I mean, I know its suppose to tell you where to go, and someone like me (very directionally challenged) definitely needs one.

So I recently mention it to my husband (who BTW seemed very put out that he had leave the comfort of the sofa to come down the hall and see what I wanted, and to find out that it was something he felt was non-important) Anyway, my husbands reply was “you never go anywhere, why do you think you need one”? Which of course is partly true(I am home most nights by 5:30pm and in my P.J.’s by 6:00 and in bed by 6:30 and asleep by 9:00. Come on ppl, I get up at the freakin ass crack of dawn (5:00am) everyday)

So I continued to argue my point with him, that I need it for the times I do go somewhere, so that I don’t get lost and this will also give my friends/co-workers relief that they don’t have to write out directions for me anymore.

What a deal right? He wasn’t buying it.

Maybe, just maybe I don’t ever go anywhere because I’m afraid I might get lost? Knaw, I honestly really don’t go anywhere very often that isn’t my normal route.

I mean how freakin neat is it to have someone talk to you in the car and tell you where to go!!!!!!! I mean I know they are so much more than a just a person talking to you with directions. What I don't get is the flippin price. What the heck? They have been on the market forever, so why are they still so expensive? 

The only other thing I asked for this Christmas was a notebook laptop(the itty bitty tiny ones), and here is the real important reason why I need one of those, so that I can blog while sitting in bed.  Now this might make it sound like I lazy.  But it's the complete opposite, it's just I have a really comfortable bed.

So just maybe, my husband can get a "better than good" deal on one(the GPS). When we hit the stores on Black Friday!
Wish me luck!

Monday, November 16, 2009

dream Pictures, Images and Photos

`qreetinq peeps ! (:

today ? i felt abyt dissapointed to all th K.B.G boifys&qirlfys. bt neyhmynd. its nort ur fault.
probably, its my fault ): for planninq th meetinq last min. bt rmbr, do come fer tmr aye ? ;D
keyh skipped ~

i've been rottinq at hme fer 3 days now. which is super borinq ! -.- & im lookinq frwd for
all th fun im qonna had this nov & dec holidays. weee ! ;D im totally happy ahkay (:
++ sapto kluaran nxt wk, & nxt nxt wk. alot aye ? tired bt fun lurhh kan ! hehs ~

so yeah, i did alot of crazy stuff at hme. lols ! XD lyke, sinqin loudly, dance alone.
ohhmyqod, im nort crazy lurhh ass -.- im just bored y'knw. hahaks !
err, my stomach is achinq really badly ): fvck ! arqh ! cakeyt siao ! pfft.
qirls, u knw whye kans ? nyahas ! so shush ! =P

planninq tuhh lpk later ? idk deh. imma lazy chyk. lols ! XD
myb i lpk, or myb im nort. or i ton aqain ! hehs.
talkinq about ton, ystd shah tanjonq msq me while he was ton-inq wif hys kwn2 at yishun
& quess whart ? he was drunk -.- ass tol ! hahaks ! qet hiqh till nyte keyh u ? XD
he was drinkinq alot y'knw. ohhmyqod ! minom cmpy mampos eyh shah ?
nyeeeeet ~ jokinq2. & he kept callinq me kiyutestuff. haas ~ kiyute eyh he ?
dont tink neqative qirls or biatch, me & shah hanya kawan & hys attached to hys bbyqirl (:

keyh qoleyq ~
i have alot of dreams in my mind. will it come true lyke fairytale story ?
err, idk. only qod knws. bt hpefully , all will come true. yippe !
im qonna make sonqs soon & im qonna hve a bloqshop soon. so, do support ! ;D

ppl kept askinq me, wher are all my pics ryte ? hehes ! kecyk nort stinqy bout pics.
is just tht my usb is damn siao ! & idk wher i put it. wtf kan ? -.- tsktsk !
im beqqinq or pleadinq both my parents to buy me new fone. weeee !
touch screen ? latest fone ? idk . hahaks ! cos , they havent bouqht anitink fer me yet
as i pass my eoy & qort promoted. hehs ! yesh, imma pampered child amonq all my
siblinqs. be jealous ! heees ~ & i loike to majok. cheeey, FAKE ! =P
aunty says tht she qonna shoppinq with me & pick whtever i want, she will pay.
syiok ahh syiok ! (: i tell her i wanna shopshop till drop at topshop,forever 21 & etcetc.
ps/ : i also do need new webcammy ;D

keyh qoleyq ahh peeps,
im qonna qo out soon ! ;D
tata titi tutu toto ! XD

GRANT MY WISH , please [?]

My Chihuahua

What Makes You Laugh?

Here’s to the word “Shenanigans” (from the movie Super Troopers) which has given my kids and I many great laughs!

My family in general love going to the movies, but my kids and I are super BIG into watching movies. We are constantly joking around and repeating lines from all of our favorite movies. Sometimes TV shows as well.

I’ll never forget the movie Mrs. Doubtfire. Come on everyone has seen it. This movie came out when my son was in grade school. There is this part in the movie where Robin Williams says “papapapapapa Piss off Lou”. My son found this particular line absolutely hilarious. Of course at that age telling someone to piss off seems so funny to a young kid, it was of course not an appropriate/allowed saying in our house. However, since it was a line in the movie, my son was allowed to repeat the “piss off” part of the line at home only. Which you know he repeated it every chance he could, with a follow-up of “ but, mom it was in the movie”. As if that made it all ok. LMAO

Maybe I can laugh at it now, since they are almost grown up.

I have to say that there are a lot of kids shows/movies out there like Sponge Bob that have a lot of adult humor in them, that go way over most kids heads (and some adults to (LOL). Now that my kids are older they finally get some the adult humor in the shows we have been watching for years.

Over the years there have been many many movies that we have watched and laughed together. Some of them with the most hilarious lines ever.  Of course not everyone gets "funny".  Like the movie "Step Brothers" with Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly.  I personally think it is the freaking funniest movie, but for people who don't have a humerous bone in their body.  Well......... they just don't get it.

In almost every conversation, someone at my house is repeating one of those funny lines, from one of the million bazillion shows we have seen together that made us all laugh. What a great feeling to laugh out loud. There is nothing better than sharing a funny moment with the ones you love. You know, the kind of ”funny” that makes you laugh so hard that you cry. (of course we have those laugh till you cry moments around my family all the time, that have nothing to do with watching a movie. I guess we are just "special" wink wink)

I’m happy that we have those funny “inside jokes” moments. It's one of the things that makes us so close.

I’ll leave you now with a quote from a TV show, that I hate but my kids like.

Family Guy- The episode where Stewie realizes he loves his mom soooo much and wants to spend all his time with her and so he keeps saying over and over ” Mom, Mom, Mom, mommy, mommy, mommy, momma, momma, momma” all the time.

Now if that isn’t freakin annoying I don’t know what is, but my kids seem to think this is Oh, so funny to repeat to me over and over around our house.  Thanks so much “Stewie”!

So what movie moment makes you laugh out loud?

tattooed couple Pictures, Images and Photos

`I am Happy ;D

Konichiwaaaaa hunks&babes ! (:
*look up. thats my current mood today. can i ? hahaks !
its weird thouqh. idk y im very hepy today. hmms. notynk special laqyk.
naaaah ~ as lonq im hepy, its qood. rather than im beinq a ferocious tiqer. lols ! XD
keyh qoleyq ~

today, woked up at 12pm. -.- yesh, imma lazy ass. nyeeet ~
so, bath & eat my lunch lurh kan. i quarelled with my qrndpa since ystd.
all bcos of tht ferero rocher chocolates. qaaah ~ its qrnddauqhter & qrndpa fiqht. lols !
its effinq kiyute sia we fiqht. nyahahs ! let's hear th convo between me & ahtoyk.

Kecyk ; "bapaaaaaayk ! ina nk chocolate tuhh lurhh ! *muker majok"
Ahtoyk ; "eyh ! ko dh mkn 5 chocolate taw smlm ! ko srq ahjerq. maner fair ! *muker stp mrh"
Kecyk ; "Excuse me ! ina mkn tuhh choc pon peroyt dh lpr. mak tk msk peyh. -.-"
Ahtoyk ; " mk tk msk ?! ker ko cereweyt ?! -.- mee soto tuhh nk ksy cpeyh mkn. hantu eyh ? "
Kecyk ;" alaaar, dh tawu orq cereweyt. pfft. plish .. ksy tuhh chocolate ! orq nk3 !"
Ahtoyk ; "eyheyh ! tkder2 ! niy choc utk mk nqan bapayk ahjerq *muker nk ktawer"
Kecyk ; "jqn nk ktawer lurh ! hmms ! tk saaaayanq bpk urh ! *muker act majok "
Ahtoyk ; "btl tk syq bpk ? nnt choc tk dpt taw. *lauqhinq. btl niy ? cnferm ?"
Kecyk ; "ahlamaq ! keyh2 ! bedeyh2 jerq ! hehehe ! nk satu choc jerq. ONE only. *smile wide2"
Ahtoyk ; " haish ! naaah, ameq satu. satu ahjerq eyh. haas ! nakmo mntk2 laqyk."
Kecyk ; "yesh ah ! thnks bpk ! saaaaayanq bpk ! hehehehs ! *huq hym"
Ahtoyk ; "part qynieq jerq syq -.- , inilah cucu. (:"

nyahas ! phsl chocolate pon nk qadoyh. hees ! i totally love chocolate otey.
& jyeah, i love my qrndpa too. he rocks tuhhh dhe core ! ^^
didnt believe ? ask all my fwens who knw hym. huak3 !
my fwens totally love hym too. they say, my grndpa qayreyk . hahaks !
its dhe fact taw ;D & he piliyh which boy suit wif me.
so boys, win my heart, win myne grndpa's too =P

byler my kwn2 ton my hse, my ahtoyk was dhe ferst one who uat kecoyh. -.-
nyeeet ~ he talk nonsence which boys will lyke. lols ! XD
keyh, he talk craps alot when he hyper. lyke me ! cheeey ! fake2 ! hehes ~
sometymes, he hawt tempered. bt dyr tk prnh jln tqn kt kecyk.
only once when im totally rude to hym. hehs ! *bad kecyk
hys a kind hearted men who treasured all hys loved one even thouqh they bastard hym.
haish .. thts wht im worried about. he is so soft hearted. haiyak !
he tk prnh lokek with anytynk. rokok ? makan ? duit ? . huak3 !
u qo qmbk, all knw hym. even budayk ahju.
& yesh, he hate hys love one qet hurt. dyr prnh want to rembat my ex sia. lols !
hys one a kind, & one & only.
awwwwwwwwww, ilovehym he will nvr ever be replaced by anybody ;D

this few days , i kept thinkinq whether i wanna find a new boify or nort.
i share my r/s probs with my qrndma. jyeah, she understands me alot. 100% (:
she told me tht at my aqe, better concentrate on studyinq & put love r/s aside.
if i want to find a new boify, i also must think twice if he was loyal to me or nort.
& wht my qrndma advice me was the fact. she sees all my ex alr. all th 8 or 9 of dhem.
hahaks ! cool huh ? hehs. her fav boy ( my ex ) which was Danial Tanjonq. lols !
err, im hopinq to find new boify soon yeah ? my dream bbyboy hpefully (:
* look up at tht pic. so sweet eyh ? i adore their tattoos. [:

ilove msq-inq my boifys&qirlfys. they briqhten up my day. crious talkinq.
&& also chattinq with dhem. all my problems will qone & fade away within a snap.
i loike2 ! haas ~ & today sii blurr , nana msq kecyk. huak3 ! she went out wif pipit
to AMK mawu nenok 2012. bt dhen she askinq kecyk bonus question oyt. lols !
lyke, hw to ask th counter whts th price , wht tyme strt , hw to ask qort student special.
HAHAHAS ! kekek siao ! & last msq i receive frm her ish
" kecyk, lps dh tnyer orq tuhh ckp thnks ker bli tuhh ticker urh ?"
lols lols lols ! i lauqh lyke crazy sia ! nyeeeet ~
nana ohh nana, blurr sotonq ;D

keyh qoleyq ~
till here peeps,
enjoy ur day ! ;D
tkcrs syq-syq .


Sunday, November 15, 2009

When I DIE

Recently when I was emailing my mother, (which I do, like a million times a day) She is my personal spell checker, so I asked her how to spell the word cremation, because I was writing a new blog and it didn’t look like it was spelled the right way(you know how that happens some times). Anyways, later in the evening she called me(we also talk every night, in between each show we are watching, to discuss how we feel about what we just saw.  Seem like a little much? Sometimes.) on my cell phone and asked me why, I wanted to know how to spell cremation.

Let me just rewind here for a moment and say, that my mother just recently found out I blog, however she has never read any of them. So over the cell I try telling her that I was using the word in "a blog" I was writing. During this conversation the phone keeps cutting out and she can’t hear everything I am saying. So she asks me if I am writing about when I die. I'm thinking to myself, how did she get that out of what I just said?  What I was really writing about was when pets die. At this point I’ve bust out laughing because she still doesn’t understand what I am saying (cause her phone is still cutting in and out). So then she wants to know what is so funny.
So I’m like,  “Never Mind

For those of you who don’t know my mother, she doesn’t have a humorous bone in her body and doesn’t get other peoples humor either. Oh let me add that she is terrible at trying to repeat something humerous that she has heard from someone else.  It's that bad.  So this whole freakin conversation is what sparked me to write about “Cremation”. I know, I guess you just had to be there.

Ok, so here’s why I really want to be cremated when I die. Everyone has a good cremation story. Right? LAMO
No really, I do want to have a funeral. I'm being serious now.  I personally just don’t get the part about being put into a box in the ground. I am more of a "free spirit" kind of person. I can’t imagine my final resting place being in a dark, musty, icky, box in the ground. I know that I won’t really be there, but the whole thought creeps me out. Also I’m not really a big fan of having one place where people have to go to mourn you. It’s easier for someone to forget you. Life gets busy, then there is no time to drive by and visit.

So I have made the decision that I will be cremated and I will be put into two different little containers (not a traditional urn) so, here it comes, that each of my children can have a piece of me with them at all times. I have explained this to them in advance. This way they have a preference if they want to keep me in their home or in their car, they will always have me close to them.
Seems like a great plan to me.

Some might think that discussing with your teenagers what your dying wishes are is morbid. I however don’t see it that way. I think it is important for the ones you love to know how you feel. You never know when its gonna be your day to go.

You know what I mean!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

TATTOO GIRL Pictures, Images and Photos

`Fuck Th Past, Kiss Th Future . (:

i dont care wht u ppl tynk bout me, cos i aint care a sinqle bit. ANTI-FKS ? qo qet a lyfe !
i am who i am, u have no riqhts to judqe me. owhkeyh ?! -.-
& pls, i do have alot ppl who love & care fer me & didnt judqe me at all.
if u lurf me, u shud love me fer who i am, & who im nort.
im tryinq to chnqe to a better person, aft i've qone thru alot of challenqes at th camp.
STOP me frm chanqinq ? try hard hard, cos no one stopinq me.
all th shyt i've done in my lyfe, i must clean it away. benefyt fer my future.
now, im tryinq to quit my bad habiyts which is smokinq & drinkinq. anqkat power ? no tyme -.-
my fam knws me very well, & they knw my bad habiyt.
thnks to my precious mum & qrndma who are beinq ther fer me when i nid their help.
my mum tells me tht quittinq smokinq is nort easy. & it takes tyme.
she also told me tht, by nxt yr, i must try nort to smoke. & i have make promises to her.
so, i must committed to my promise. i dont want all my promises to be wash away jst lyke tht.
>> hell yeah, TALK is CHEAP <<

Nxt yr, qonna be my brand new year & lyfe.
kecyk qonna be so quaiquai tht all of u will be shocked. nyahahas ! XD
no worries, im still me aye ? (:
i've plan alot fer my `2010 th awesome yr ever ! ;D
>> Make My Dream Come True, ohh qod (: <<

owhkeyh qoleyq ~
lets talk about my hols this past few wks aye.
kuder kepanq ~
kecyk talk in point form keyh ? hehs ! mls mawu elaborate more.

Sapto Mj kluaran at CCK ;
. qayreyk, awesome, fun ever ! *wink
. kyter peyh jiran sblah ; TELUNG ahh kn. nyahas !
. saw alot of familiar faces lurhh kan. mostly cn i sae, `budayk2 205, FS & Shuqun SR (:.
. besh part ; orq yq kluarkn pon ikoyt maboyk jqk. hahaks ! XD .
. sucks part ; ahder qadoyh sia. tuhh budayk pk, CCK tuhh dyer peyh tmpt mawu mntk izin.
. kyter peyh poem palinq kuat, palinq qayreyk ! ^.^
. dpt nenok sii keciq siao maboyk ! hehs. && dpt nenok hairul naek. baek punya drq !
. did i heard, he sae i lurf u to me ? lols ! XD keyh whtever ~
. kecyk bli air, cemuer minom ahbes siao. haas ~
. qo home wif miemie, jep & mok. met jep peyh qirlfy .
. reached hme arnd 12.30 + :D

Sri Ulan kluaran at juronq west ;
. qo ther wif miemie, ahbq jep, mok. & met ahbq hanis & kak iffah.
. ika cm biaser, smoke machine wif kecyk. kecyk 1 puff only deh. ;P
. erra & anuar cweet couple lurhh kan. hahaks ! (:
. dudoyk2 nqan sapto mj fam.
. saw yuyul sepet & alot more ahh kan. [:
. abyt mendayk siao . & sunda peyh tarian nmpk sah cm sapto punyer. -.-
. kyter nqumpat phsl tuhh qalah qirl. no offence ! i didnt say anitynk (:
. yaaay ! mamat & zul sri ulan maboyk kiyute sia ! ^^
. nenok video mia maboyk frm ahkaq ain. kekek tpy kiyute ! ;P
. qo home & reached arnd 12+ ;D

Sapto Mj kluaran at Sims Avenue ( aljunied ) ;
. riboyt maha riboyt ! nyahas ! (:
. came late due tuhh th train .
. qo nqan miemie, ahbq jep, mamat sapto , jas , hys mataer & ahdeq.
. kecyk sakhai & masaii sia tht tyme. lols !
. kecyk suker wonq anqqun peyh ahju. pink blck ! ^^
. ahder qadoyh laqyk ; Prabu & Telunq. i knw wht happen, mls mawu elaborate.
. 1 of budayk prabu bwk paranq, maky sundal & etcetc, name ahju pn terbabyt. haish .
. telunq ttp steady. hahaks ! tk byk bunyi.
. ahbq isyak curo kyter nakmo masoyk cmpr & continue.
. anuar peyh ahdeq kene accident. tuhh ahpek china hit & run + drink & drive.
. last part ; th besh maha besh siyol ! cemuer terkuncy (:
. nmpk ahbq isyak maboyk fer th ferst tyme. tuhh part byler cmuer nk dkt ahbes & ahleq.
. qo qmbk wif th usual ppl, & qo home at about 1+ ;D

lazy tuhh type all, mostly weekednds qort kluaran or watch other qrps.
i've watch darat nanas, indra sari, astina, kromo , joqoh doyoh, treo , sri ulan
fer october & november.
& today, miemie paitao. haiyak ! -.- tk dpt nenok Sri seroja, Botja & kromo.
hurhur. sodeyh pahh siao ?! D: neyhmynd lurhh.
&& myb, im qonna busy with work till i've no tyme fer Kuderkepanq.
im qonna missh sapto MJ fam, bt will tron fer kluaran (:

kecyk, miemie, nana, pipit ( kwn nana ) went to vivo on th sat, ystd.
abyt mendayk, bt hepy qet tuh knw kwn baru. criously, im fwenly. nyeeet ~
kan pipit ? (:
met yuyun barney my bbylove at vivo. cun taw dyer ! (:
at esp rooftop saw fellabirdy, riera mabolache, puterikuchinq & all th qirls (:
tk sempat mawu teqoyh. hurhur.
went to vivo, city hall, esp, peninsula. penat siao ! hahaks !
++ no hawt matrep. cheeey, cumpah fake ! teehee ;X
kecyk crazy with tht qreen&white tee kiyute boy while
miemie crazy bout tht hawt kateq boy. they umr 16.
weeeeewit ! nyehehehs ! phsl both of dhe boys we met are my cdare peyh kwn. (:
anw, kecyk ton nqan miemie till 5 am on friday. qayreyk lurhh kan ! nyahas !
kecyk webcammy with shah tanjonq, chipmunk, syawal & i ferqet who.
criously, fun3 ! hehs ! ^^

keyh qoleyq ~
till here aye ?
i''ll update when im fwee otey peeps ? (:
tkcrs hunks&babes ;D

I WANT A NEW PRINCEY , may i [?]

Whose with me for BLACK FRIDAY!

Black Friday

What does that day really mean?

Does it stand for; you’re up at the ass crack of dawn in the dark, waiting in a line with about a million other crazy ppl? I know that not everyone in the world participates in this craziness.

I however am a BIG supporter of ass crack early, with strangers. Come on ppl seriously, who doesn’t love to shop?????

The real key to standing outside in line for hours before the doors open are, Hot Hands, Coffee, Long underwear, and have your significant other stand in line for you while you sit in the car. LMAO

I can also see the other side of this, the side of those ppl who have to flippin work on Black Friday. If it was me, I would say “the hell to the no”. (One of my friend’s favorite lines, so I thought I would borrow it from her  for today's blog.) Cause there is no way you would get me to work behind one of those cash registers on Black Friday, just putting up with peoples crap, (cause honestly, not everyone is pleasant at 5am) and then you add standing on your feet for hours. Does NOT sound like any freakin fun to me!

I always find it just a little exciting. You know the rush of ppl when the doors finally open(at 5AM). You just never know what might happen. I personally am not one of those ppl who push and shove and get all crazy about getting to some particular item that is only on sale for like what 3 hours. But I do like to watch those ppl. I would love to take my camera in with me sometime; I bet I would get some great action shots.

So here’s to all you Black Friday workers,

Hang in there
 be happy
 that it only comes around
one time a year.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Holiday Lawn "ART"

Christmas is one of my sons favorite holidays, well really any holiday that he can put loads and loads of crap all over our lawn.  We just recently got thru taking down all of the Halloween decorations. Now its time to put more crap out!

I made the mistake years ago telling my son that we would buy 1 new thing each year to add to the "holiday" decorations.  As you can guess, now we have way too much crap.  I have to say that at least our house does not,  look like Christmas Vacations, Griswald house yet. But we are getting close. 

So what is the limit of lawn decorations, before its considered "trashy"?  My family is truly the type of family that goes way overboard. It takes us an entire day, just to get all the decorations put up, and that doesn't include the Christmas tree. I'm surprised that our house has never caught fire with all the lights we have.

 So how do you tell your children, no more stuff?  Especially since they get so involved in the holiday spirit. I know soon the kids will be grown up and they probably won't  care anymore. So I should just let this issue lie for now and let them enjoy all those things that will some day be wonderful memories for them. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Going to the Movies

I don't know about you, but my family goes to the movies alot.  We really enjoy seeing a movie in the theatre when it first comes out.  We have even been known to go early and stand in line for hours before, so that we could get a good seat. On a regular basis, I  make my husband go with me about 30 min prior to the show starting. I know that sounds just a little crazy. But you do what ya gotta do.

Let me remind you that we are not the only ones who show up early to stand in that line, so there are some other "crazies" out there just like us.

However, recently we have had to scale it back a little.  The recent movie and concession stand price increase is ridiculus. Also before they used to let you bring in your own snacks or drinks.  Now they have a sign up prohibiting you to bring anything in.

What I have to say to that, is what they can't see in my purse won't hurt them.  If you get what I mean.

It's not so much that there was a price increase, cause I get it, with the economy issues.  What I however don't get is 3 different prices in one day. What the heck!

So if you only want to pay $5 you have to go to the freakin movies at 10am on a sat or sun, after that noon-5:00pm its $7.50 and after 5:00pm its freakin $10People, this is per person. So if you go on a friday night, to lets say a 7:00 show with a family of four you are looking at spending $40, just on tickets alone.  That doesn't even count if you get something from the concession stand.

That is just insane.  Its no wonder "other" places are getting more activity with movie goers. 

It may be the path
we take here in the near future.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

How much do you spend on your dog

How much do
think is
too much
 to spend on a pet?

I'm not just talking about toys, food, college logo collars &leashes, and sweaters. What I am talking about are vet bills or ER bills. It is a given, if you have a pet that you will be spending money at your local ventenary clinic. How much really depends on multiple things. Like if you have a baby dog/cat, you will have all the "first" time shots, and then there are the sickly/old pets.......Which can be very expensive.

What I'm really trying to get a handle on, is the expense that goes along with an animal that has "issues".  I have two of those! When first chosing these pets, I would have never guessed that I would spend so much money on a DOG.  The good news is, the cost for the medication we have to spend on both dogs is minimal.

So the reason for my question, "How much is too much"  is to try and get a handle on if I am spending too much. If you ask my husband he would say "hell yes, we are spending too much"! Of course only if we were talking about my dog.  If we were talking about his dog, it would be a different storey.

 I won't even bother asking ppl/friends who are non-pet owners, because they just don't get it.

It is pretty sad that I have our dogs ER vet on speed dial, but not the kids doctor. It is equally sad that in the last year we have been to the ER vet 4 times.  I don't know about the ER vet in your area, but mine is automatically $75 to just walk thru the freakin door and things like shots, are some how OMG triple the cost.(I mean serisously, what am I really paying for? )

Heres a tip for you, if you end up having to put a pet to sleep, don't pay the vet to cremate them, just ask to take the pet home.  That will save you tons of money.  Seriously, after your pet is dead who wants to shell out another $100 for them to take care of the remains???? NOT FREAKIN ME!!!!!

Which brings up a whole other topic.  When your pet dies, what are you supposed to do with their body?  I hear that your not suppose to bury them in your yard? Is that true? Cause I currently have several in my yard.

1 dog
1 cat
1 gerbel
1 ferrett

This has been over an 8 year period, I don't want anyone to think that we frequently have animals dying off at my house.  That would just be creepy.

So how else do you have a funeral for your pet if you don't bury them in your yard?  I mean, really I love my dogs alot, but I am not going to pay to have a grave for them at some freakin pet cemetary.

 what are you willing to spend
on your pet
in a
 life or death situation?

Monday, November 9, 2009


Everyone has them.

You know you do.
Whether you started the collection yourself
or someone else started it for you.
You have one.

I personally have started multiple collections for my mother. Which by the way, she has asked me to STOP with the collecting of crap. (It's not really crap)

You know there are a million different things out there that you can collect, but I just don’t want the clutter in my house. What blows my mind is the things people find “collection” worthy. I have a friend at my old job who collects frogs and boy does she have a shit load of frogs. At what point do you say “what the heck”? I wanna know, is there a freakin No. that you reach that you finally say “hey, I think I might have too many freakin “frogs” or is it after you have a whole damn room full and you cant even walk in it that you decide you have too much??

You know you can even get into the Guinness book of world records with a collection.

I personally only have 1 collection, mini snow globes. That doesn’t take up a whole lot of space and I have pretty much stopped after I have collected one for each holiday.

My son however has started a collection of nutcrackers. He started it when he was younger. Now that he is older, I am not really sure what the continued attraction is. Is there something wrong here that a teenage boy likes to collect nutcrackers? Don’t get me wrong he has many other collections of stuff that I find very manly. I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about.

I’m certainly not putting down anyone’s collections, just curious on how some people get sooooooo out of control and or obsessed with collecting.