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Monday, October 19, 2009

Possum on a fence

Nothing like starting your morning, running around your back yard, at 6am in your undies, swinging a bat. I don't think this is on anyones Top Ten list.

This morning was another one of those freakin “possum on a fence” mornings.

Let me back things up here and give you the history of the possum issues and our wiener dog.

Now, that this issue has happened more than once, you would think that we would be pros by now.

No, Not Really

Our wiener dog doesn’t like for other animals to come into “his” yard. As most dogs are like this.
However, dachshunds are the #1 most aggressive dogs. So when an animal comes into our yard its
 “game on” and he will not let go until its dead.

So this morning really wasn’t any different than the last “Possum sighting”.  Does this happen to anyone else? Frequent "Possum sightings" in their yard?
Anyways so my husband comes running in the back door, yelling “possum”!    H E L P!  
Normally, we keep the baseball bats at the back door (just for this purpose) does this seem strange to you?
But this morning there was none.

So I’m running with wet hair in my undies to the basement and then outside with the bat swinging. Our neighbors don't find this alarming anymore (that we are running around our back yard half naked with bats), since it has happened many times before.

In the past the possums are normally hissing and charging the dog (kinda scary). But, this morning we were lucky.  Since the possum was playing dead!

Go figure.

(No possums were harmed during this exercise)

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