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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Where do I start? They are everywhere. Thank goodness for hand sanitizer!!!!!

For most people this is not an issue. For most, they dont realize all those things they touch have millions of germs or maybe they just dont freakin care?
However, I care and it is a BIG issue for me.

If I try not to think about it I’m ok. Otherwise I get so wound up with worry about them that it seriously stresses me out.

I think it is some of the OCD thing I got going on? Your thinking "freak" right? Well I think I'm normal.

I have heard all the reasons from people why this stuff (hand sanitizer) isn’t all that good.

Like, some germs are good; I never use the stuff; and I don’t get sick; or we all survived as a kid without this stuff. Although some of that may be true. I still say that not enough people wash there hands out there in the world, or we wouldn’t have such an issue with spreading germs all around. Now would we????

I never used to be this obsessed with germs. My friends love to give me crap all the time about my frequent use of hand sanitizer. Some would say my “obsessive use” of the stuff. I carry it in my purse, in my car, at home, and at work. I offer it to friends when we are out.

I just say “ you do what ya gotta do
and if that makes me special, then I guess I'm "special".
But at least I'm a clean special.

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