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Monday, October 12, 2009

Family Vacations

I'm trying to plan a vacation for the fam. We haven’t really had one in awhile. I mean don’t get me wrong. We have gone “places”. You know all the freakin hot spots for soccer tournaments. Woo Frickin Hoo!!

I can tell you that my daughter does not consider those places a vacation. However I can tell you the money that was spent, was enough that we could have taken a really nice vacation.


So I’m thinking and planning. Where we could go that would be interesting and fun for a family of four. We now have a lot more options since our kids are older. Of course Vegas is NOT one of those "options" just yet.

My son and I have discussed possible locations, and thought maybe Yellowstone? I lived there for 5 years when I was younger (Casper and Cody). It is a beautiful place. We could stay in a cabin, and do some hiking. Sounds great right? Problem # 1-I hate the cold and Wyoming only has 1 month during the summer that is even close to warm enough for me. Problem # 2-I won’t fly anymore. So we would have to drive(Do you know how fricken far it is to get to Wyoming?). Which brings up Problem # 3- My kids don’t travel well in the car. You would think now that they are older that it would be a breeze. Not so much. We can’t even make it in the car for an 1 ½ trip before all hell breaks loose. Even with all the electronic gadgets. How sad is that?

So we are back to square one.

Honestly, I just want us to go someplace where we are far away from “home” and the normal daily routines. To be together as a family once more, before time runs out and everyone is living their own lives.

You know what I’m talking about.

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