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Friday, October 30, 2009


Most people really don't
understand the word
(a.k.a.) Panic Attacks.
Have you ever felt like all of a sudden:
your heart is racing;
then you start having chest pains (you felt like you were having a heart attack);
or your stomach starts to feel upset (like you need to throw up);
maybe you felt a little dizzy or lightheaded ;
possibly had some difficulty breathing.

These are all signs of having a panic attack, which can often be confused for something more serious.

This can be a very real issue for some people. About 3 million people, will have panic attacks at some time in their lives.
Did you know ?

There has to be alot of people out there with Anxiety issues, cause why else is there so many freakin commercials on TV for medications to treat your symptoms.  Which by the way if you didnt know, have million freakin side effects ( don't get me started). Some can be worse than the actual Anxiety attacks you are feeling.  There are many other ways to get help/relief. 

There are Counselors, books (on cd), and even the pastor at your church. Which in my opinion all help way more than any freakin drug.

There are many things that can contribute to these feelings or attacks.
Like :

* stress
* health issues
* small places
* the subway

Whatever the issue, it seems real to YOU! Because you allow it to get into your head and once it's there, its really hard to shake loose. It can be emotionally disabling. For some people its hard to function at a normal everyday level. The fear of "what if's"  can be so overwhelming that it consumes you.

The worst part is you don't want people to know, you dont want to appear out of contol or someone might judge you.

We do live in a very judegemental society. Like somehow this makes you "crazy". No, actually it doesn't.

However, there is good news, for most people it doesn't last forever, unless you allow it to control you.

So if you have aniexty issues/panic attacks,  I hope this helped.
If you know someone who has issues, cut them some freakin slack man, they probably already have enough on their plate.

I have to tell you,
I know all this first hand
I survied it all
without drugs.

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