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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Smell of DEATH

During one of my sons driving lessons, we were in the parking lot (near our home but kinda off in a wooded area) driving round and round and round in circles. Because I have yet to feel comfortable enough to allow my son to drive around any where near there are other cars. I mean come on he is driving my "new car".

So anyways I started to smell something that didn't smell good. Like something dead and rotting. I have a very sensitive nose. Unfortunately, I can smell everything.

So now this smell has completely pre-occupied my thoughts. I think it is all those crimes shows I watch.

So I ask my son to pull over by the trees/bushes, so that I can get out and take a look. At this point I have been going on and on about the what if's . So he pulls over and I get out and start walking and sniffing. Trying to figure out where this freakin smell is coming from. As I am walking back and forth near the edge of the trees (because , there is no freakin way I am actually getting in the trees/wooded area. ) my germy tendencies are in super high alert and all I can think about now is ticks, spiders, and posion ivy.  So I try and lean in and take a look.  However, from the distance I am standing you really can't see much. But I can tell there is no trash around so it has to be a dead "something". Right?

At this point I have a million scenarios going thru my mind as to what it could possibly be and goosebumps running down the back of my neck.  IF  it is a dead person, I have now trampled all over a possible crime scene. OMG!!!!!

As I am walking, and sniffing I'm telling all this to my son who just looks over at me with this  are you freakin serious look ???? and says "can we just finish my driving lesson now" !

So we finish the driving and start to head home and my sons says, he can't wait until he has his permit and he can drive around on the regular roads so that we don't ever have to drive back over here again.

Is he freaked out or just tired of listening to his obsessed mother go on and on and on????

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