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Monday, September 28, 2009

On your Own Night

Going back in time. I will never  forget as a kid being forced to not only eat horrible crap for dinner but, if you refused to eat it or clean your plate you didn’t get to leave the dinner table. You could end up sitting there sometimes for hours. Then if you didn’t eat before bedtime, you would go to bed hungry and then it would be brought back out for breakfast the next morning to eat COLD. Yuck!

After a time my sister and I started throwing it under the table (back then we had the dark brown shag carpet) sometimes the cat or dog would eat it, sometimes it would just pile up under the table.

My question is Why? Why does this happen? I know that I am not the only kid this has ever happen to. Is it a power thing? IDK

Over time and having kids of my own. I have tried to learn from my childhood. The rule at our house is that you have to try it at least once, if you don’t like it then we never fix it again. I know some people might say this is crazy letting the kids dictate what kind of meals we have, but I really feel like there are so many other things to battle about and what they eat is not a battle I want to do.

Now your probably thinking that I just let them eat crap. Well, your wrong I don’t.

There are a million healthy things out there to eat. You just have to do the research. So I buy what I know they will eat. We always try new things, and I have them help me in the kitchen.

Then there is no battle.

Here is something that my kids really love. We didn’t start this until they were in middle school. So that they were old enough to do it by themselves.

We have on “your own nights”. You ask, what are “on your own nights”? Well let me tell you, they are the greatest invention ever!!!!

Mostly we have these on the nights we have games. We hardly have time on those nights for bathing, homework , and laundry. So we started “on your own nights”.

On your own night” is where, everyone gets to pick and fix their own dinner. Woo Hoo!!!!

Of course when we go to the store everyone gets to pick their one special thing. Then that is what they will fix for themselves on the “on your own night".

The kids love it. Plus it helps teach them how to be self sufficient. What a deal!

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