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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Morning drive in without coffee.....................

I'm driving, weaving in and out of traffic, why you ask????

Because of all the freakin slow ass drivers that insist on driving in the fast lane, but only going 65. WTF??????

I'm pretty sure everyone took the same drivers test, did they not ? 
And what does it say???

To move to the right if you want to drive like a freakin turtle!!!!!! OMG

Yes, I have NOT had my morning coffee yet, but...............

As I am weaving in and out of the slow  traffic I am going thru the plays and screw ups from the soccer game of the night before. ( like as if I was the soccer coach, which yes I know that I am NOT)

But it doesnt take a rocket scientist to see where the problem is. So why does the coach not express this to them at practice and make them work on the areas they are lacking?????

This is where my frustration comes in, all that hard work and all that we have gone thru and done to prepare for H.S. to find out that most of the kids that made the team played rec ball.  My kid could of sat on his ass all summer and still made the team. Now how pathetic is that?

I honestly have to say that my son has learned more and gained more from playing with a club team than he will from playing on his H.S. school team. 

That is very sad! I know not all H.S. are like this. Which is why this is so dissapointing. I expected so much more.

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