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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

MOOG- The destructor

Ok, I lied when I said I only had two dogs. Really I have two dogs and my daughter has a dog. "MOOG", the destructor. This dog was given to my daughter (note: you should never give a pet as a gift to anyone!) by her boyfriend. It was suppose to be a replacement dog, for when they moved in together.  Anticipating that I would not give up the chihuahua. That was suppose to be my daughters but, some how became mine.   Anyways, so this new dog was suppose to be a chihuahua also.
However, it is more like a mini penn and a chihuahua mix.

Regardless this dog is a handfull. It is like no other dog I have ever seen. Let me back up at this point to say that before "Moog" came along, her boyfriend had also bought her a cat. No, I'm not freakin kidding. So at the time, that put the talley of animals in my household  at 2 cats 3 dogs. OMG!!!

So when things in the basement (which is where my daughter lives) started to get torn up, we thought it was the cat. Because the cat would knock things off and then the dog would tear them up. They had a whole Tag Team thing going on.

So I finally convience my daughter to give the darn cat back to him and let it stay at his parents house. This is only fair right? Since he bought the cat in the first place. Also, during this time there was alot of drama going on about the cat having to go AWAY.

So finally after the cat is gone. The dog seems to still be getting ahold of "stuff" and tearing it up. and when I say "stuff" what I really mean is, a whole box of push pins, super glue, birth control pills, carpet, wood baby gate, sharpies, sofa cushion, down bedspread, shoes and multiple other paper items. But the real topper was last week the dog chewed thru her sheets and mattress right down to the springs.

What confuses me is everything is put up. I don't know how the dog is getting ahold of these things. As of now the dog is being put in a kennel during the day, in order to try and minimize the destruction while we are gone.

Amazingly enough the dog has not died or gotten sick from any of the stuff he has eaten.

Now you can imagine my thoughts on the dog by this point. If it were me , I would have dropped the dog off at the pound after the first destroyed item. But........... since my daughter is a big animal lover, I have tried to be paitent and understanding. I have even tried to reason with my daughter about finding a new home for her. Sounds good RIGHT? No, of course not.

So for the time being until my daughter moves out, Moog the destroyer still lives at our house. and continues to chew items up daily.

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