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Monday, September 21, 2009

The Family Table

Dinner time should be, when you come together with family. It used to be at our house. Once upon a long time ago. When my children were babies. My children are not grown adults, but they are teenagers. The age when spending time with your family is out of the question, if you ask them.

I miss those times now. When the whole family ate at the dinner table together. Each family memeber helped out with setting the table or bringing the food over.

We had the neatest placemats (something strangely enough was often a dinner topic) anyways, every night at dinner we used to do the 1-10 game.

If your not familar with it, in this game each person shares on a scale from
1-10 how was their day and why.  Even if you have had a really crappy day and weren't really feeling like being social, you had to share. (sometimes this was the best cure for having a bad day). My husband and I would always say that we were having a # 5 day. The kids would ask us why it was just such an average day. "Didn't anything exciting happen to you today"?

How do you tell a small child that once you become an adult and have to work all day that not much exciting happens.

As time goes by and they grow up, our table has now been reduced to the place where we dump all our mail, back packs, and soccer cleats but is no longer the place where we all come to eat together .

Sadly enough as they grow up, they are too busy to eat at home because they have their own job, or because of soccer practice or because this is the only night your home in a week and you want to watch your favorite tv show. 

It then becomes "on your own night" 5 days a week.

Currently, our table is now housing a 1000 piece puzzle. In hopes that we may come together at least long enough to put your "1 puzzle piece quota" in place.

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