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Friday, September 25, 2009

The Electronic World

Now that the fall season of tv shows are finally on. OMG, there are too many to watch. So I find myself recording everything. Of course I get to watch 1 or 2 while I am recording 4. Now that just seems like craziness right? My husband asked me last night, when did I plan to actually watch these shows I recorded?

In the electronic world of today. Between texting, tweeting, game systems,  blogging, and internet all available at our finger tips its hard to take a step back and think "do we really need all this in our life to be happy"? I find it hard to tell my son to sit and do homework and stay off the xbox when I am eating my dinner in front of the TV.

Hyprocrit right?

It's easy to get caught up in all the commercials for all the new shows. When it's really so much better to sit & read a book or play family board games or walk your dog.. But instead I sit glued to the TV. Not wanting to miss any of the drama /action happening right in front of my face.

I have allowed my children to sit in front of the TV to eat their Breakfast & dinner. It started when they were little, you plant them in front of the TV with a "snack" while you fix dinner. Then it just goes down hill from there.

How sad is that, because I have allowed myself to get so caught up in electronics I have set a terrible example for my children.  I personally spend way too much time on the computer as well.

Recently our home computer crashed and the x box 360 died.  You would be amazed at how crazy it made everyone in our household. You would have thought something major had happened here. For two whole weeks both systems were down. After the initial shock & some cranky days, we all got used to not having them and went on to do other things. It was actually kinda nice.

I made a decision right then that we would as a family try to spend less time on the computer, and the game systems. So far my son really hasn't been on his xbox and my daughter hasnt been on FB much.
My husband hasn't even been playing any on-line poker.

So maybe this little break from the electronic world was just what our family needed?

Maybe It was a sign?

So I won't question the sign, instead I will  accept it with open arms.

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