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Monday, April 13, 2009

Last week in school

I will be going home in two weeks. Yay~~! I'm so excited to see my families, and I will continue to work on my art in China -- there are life drawing classes everywhere which are also cheap. I don't like the instructions though, but it's not bad to just drop in and draw stuff!
I went life drawing yesterday and today. Maybe having too much fun...

School is very important. Just look at what I did before entering this school, and what I do now, it's easy to tell that education really can change something, and it's not just me. I can see great progress in everyone's work. We get inspired by looking at each other's stuff, so we can work harder. That's how people get improved.

Old painting (from imagination. I didn't know how to use oils at that time. No clue at all. )

New painting (from life. Acrylics. 3 hours)